Donald Trump Complains 'Nobody Has Been Treated Like Trump in Terms of Badly'

Donald Trump
Donald Trump /

Last night, Donald Trump did a sit-down interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly ahead of a hearing on Thursday in which the former president will try to get the charges concerning his handling of classified documents dismissed. Per usual, Trump took the opportunity to cry witch hunt and complain for all to hear that he is being persecuted out of spite and not for any legal reasons. Part of his strategy to explain that to the American people is to compare himself to former presidents who he believes were treated poorly.

He does so in order to make the point that he was treated worse than any of those presidents, such as Bill Clinton or Andrew Jackson or Abraham Lincoln. However, Trump did not put it so eloquently during the interview. Speaking to Kelly, he went down the list of past presidents and their adversity before wrapping up with "nobody has been treated like Trump in terms of badly."

Absolutely nailed it. No notes. It was perfectly phrased. Nobody has ever said it like Trump in terms of better.

We'll be hearing variations of this talking point for the next *checks calendar and groans* eight months no matter what happens with his motion to dismiss today. If it works, then he'll latch onto how the bad guys tried to go after him. If it doesn't, then it'll just be another court case to complain about and point to as proof of persecution.

Should be fun!