Donald Trump Challenges Nikki Haley to a Cognitive Test


The New Hampshire Republican presidential primary is on Tuesday and with Ron DeSantis dropped out, it's a two horse race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. The two have been attacking each other relentlessly over the past few weeks and it has turned ugly. Now Haley is attacking Trump's age and mental capacity. In response, Trump challenged Haley to cognitive test-off.

Here's what Trump said:

So, we've established this before, but Trump clearly thinks a cognitive test rates your intelligence. It doesn't, it essentially just ensures you don't have dementia. It's not an IQ test. But because Trump believes he's "aced" cognitive tests before he seems to think it's a big deal. In reality, passing just means you're not cognitively impaired.

So that's where we're at in the 2024 presidential race at this point. The two remaining GOP competitors are challenging each other to take tests to prove they don't have dementia. And one of them thinks passing makes him smart.

I keep saying this but I truly don't think people are prepared for how stupid this year is going to get.