Donald Trump Describes January 6 Tweets as 'Very Beautiful, Very Heart-Warming'

Donald Trump
Donald Trump /

The January 6 insurrection is the topic of the day as the Supreme Court began to hear oral arguments concerning the Donald Trump-Colorado ballot issue. If you have not heard, the Supreme Court of Colorado ruled Trump was ineligible to be on the Republican primary ballot, alleging that his actions to overturn the 2020 election constituted a violation of the 14th Amendment that bars individuals who have "engaged in insurrection" from holding office.

Trump, of course, has argued for years that he did not engage in insurrection and also that a sitting president should have immunity from prosecution. With his case now in front of the Supreme Court he got to the nearest cameras to continue to plead his case about immunity and his place on the Colorado ballot. While speaking to reporters he was asked about his tweets from January 6 and the former president described them as "very beautiful, very heart-warming statements" in a way only he can.

Trump's Twitter account was deactivated that day but got reinstated in 2023 by Elon Musk. Trump refused to return outside of sending one tweet with his mugshot and a link to his website, which means you can go back and look at his January 6 tweets with ease. He tweeted 21 times that day, and most of them assert that Joe Biden's victory from November was fraudulent in some way, shape, or form. Then you can see the switch flip and Trump sent exactly two tweets asking his horde of followers to stay calm and respect law enforcement. None of them told everybody to go home, however.

So not only did Trump overestimate how many tweets were sent telling everyone to chill out, he didn't send any tweets at all telling them to go home. It is also quite the stretch to describe those tweets as heart-warming or warm. If anything the tone is much close to pleading.

Trump is no stranger to the spin zone, however. This is about what we've come to expect from the former president.