Donald Trump Could Prove All the Doubters Wrong By Allowing Someone to Broadcast One of His Golf Rounds

Donald Trump
Donald Trump / Leon Neal/Getty Images

Donald Trump went golfing on Sunday. After a few months where it was nearly impossible to get away and enjoy himself, Trump has now been able to golf every weekend over the last month. With sports returning, kids getting ready to head back to school and COVID-19 under complete control, he's earned some time to relax. But don't think that's what he's doing out there. The way Trump tweets about his golf, you almost wonder why he even bothers.

That actually doesn't sound relaxing at all. He has to rush. He's working the entire time. He's really only doing it because it technically counts as exercise. This makes his low scoring all the more improbable.

The good news is that he can prove all of this by inviting some of those eager cameramen onto the course. Look at how much money his very close personal friends Tom Brady and Tiger Woods were able to raise by broadcasting a single round of golf. Trump could do the same and he could give all of the money to charity that he wanted.

By allowing a single, typical round of golf to be broadcast, he could prove how much work he gets done on the course - even if sometimes his own aides are unable to reach him for a few hours. He could prove how quickly he really plays. He could even prove how good he really is at the sport.

The haters and doubters would have nothing to say. With one round he could show the taxpayers that the $100,000,000+ spent on his golf outings were actually a bargain.

It's an incredible opportunity for Trump and the American public all around. He'd even get to showcase one of his tremendous golf properties. I know the president really shouldn't be using his position to promote a personal business, but I think we could make an exception just this one time.

And the ratings. Imagine the ratings. We know he loves ratings and what better way to show just how popular he is than by putting up the single biggest rating in the history of golf. There is zero downside. Let's make this happen.