Donald Trump Shot an Unbelievable 74 Considering How Little He's Golfed Lately

Stephen Douglas
Donald Trump on a previous golf trip.
Donald Trump on a previous golf trip. / Leon Neal/Getty Images

Donald Trump went golfing with South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham over the weekend. On Wednesday, Graham went on Fox and Friends and regaled them with Trump's incredible performance. Graham reported that Trump shot a 74 and it was the best he had ever seen him play. Graham even mentioned how little he was distracted, which is no surprise since no one could reach him while he was on the course.

Both tracks at Trump National in Potomac Falls, Virginia are par-72 so that is a really solid showing for Trump. Especially considering he hasn't been able to play much this year. According to a site that keeps track of such things, it is only his fifth confirmed outing since March 8 when that pesky coronavirus pandemic went public and ruined the spring golf season. He did not pick up the sticks once in April.

Unless there a simulator in the White House bunker, Trump's 74 is truly Herculean. Not many 74-year-olds can roll out of bed and shoot their age if they aren't playing regularly. As president he's only been able to play 2-3 times a week for most of the last three years. To remain this sharp is a testament to his natural ability.