Dodgers Fans Fight in Stands During Loss to Diamondbacks

Dodgers fans fight
Dodgers fans fight /

The Los Angeles Dodgers are playoff-bound, as many predicted before the year. The surprising part? They're a Wild Card team. Right now, anyway. The San Francisco Giants have a firm hold on the NL West heading into the final week of the season. The Dodgers are only two games back with seven games to play, so they're still very much in the running to make a late run, and a three-game series against the cellar-dwelling Diamondbacks this weekend presented an excellent opportunity to make up some ground.

Los Angeles didn't get the job done on Saturday, though. The Dodgers lost 7-2 and it's a big loss that could come back to bite them when the postseason gets underway. Frustration boiled over in the stands as Dodgers fans turned on one another and brawled in the bleachers. Not for the first time this year, either!

Yet another big fight between baseball fans in the stands. Can't imagine MLB is super psyched about this trend this year.

The Dodgers get another shot at Arizona today. Maybe a victory will ease the tempers of their faithful in the seats.