Do Not Dunk on CNN's Milk Family For Buying So Much Milk

Dollar Per Gallon Milk Hike Expected Next Week
Dollar Per Gallon Milk Hike Expected Next Week / Stephen Chernin/GettyImages

CNN ran a special report on the price of groceries this morning, interviewing a rather large family about how their spending has changed in the current economic environment. Anchor Brianna Keilar tweeted the segment using a quote from the family about how the price of milk affects them. Devoid of context, it's a wild anecdote about buying a ton of milk.

Personally, I am jealous of them buying milk for $2.79 a gallon. Up here in New York's capital region a gallon of store-brand whole milk currently $3.29 or $3.39. However much you're paying for milk, do not get distracted by this one example used in the tweet.

These people are raising literally nine kids, most of whom are adopted or fostered. The couple in this clip do nothing weird or scorn-worthy. They've opened their home to kids who need one. They're just telling the news how much they're spending on groceries. If they say they were spending $150 a week in the spring and over $300 for similar items right now, well, that sucks.

Even faced with the reality that things could get more expensive, the couple don't seem overly upset. They admit that they've had to buy less healthy foods to make their rapidly expanding budget work and are ready to consider the possibility they'll have to continue to adapt with a more boring rice and beans-based diet. And they might have to pick up another part-time job.

It's not like there's anyone out there who is in favor of rising prices. In this clip they're just telling the world how much they have to spend on milk. Who can't identify with that?