CNN's Brianna Keilar Ate Cicadas on 'New Day'

Stephen Douglas
New Day tries a food segment.
New Day tries a food segment. /

CNN continued its cicada coverage today as New Day host Brianna Keilar ate the insects boiled in a seaweed wrap with rice. The segment featured Chef Bun Lai, who wants to encourage people to eat more bugs. Somewhere else co-host John Berman joked and made the same faces you will if you watch Brianna Keilar eat cicadas.

That crunch is just too much in this blogger's opinion. I guess the fact that she thought they tasted good is a bit of a relief. Maybe because otherwise New Day producers probably would not bring back this Fear Factor-esque segment.

So congratulations to Keilar for proving herself the most fearless person at CNN today. She'll certainly have bragging rights over Manu Raju at the next company picnic. Just don't put her in charge of the food.