Do All of Tom Brady's Friends Force Him to Play Catch?

Tom Brady holding his daughter.
Tom Brady holding his daughter. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady is known for throwing things. Super Bowl trophies, footballs, whatever. Put something in that man's hands and he'll throw it, usually accurately. But one wonders if Brady ever feels like an animal at the zoo, forced to perform for friends and acquaintances on demand.

I ponder this because one of Brady's presumed friends, Dave Grutman, posted a video of Brady throwing a football to him on the beach while being defended by David Beckham. A very cool set up to be sure. One wonders how often Brady finds himself in this position.

If you're Tom Brady at the opera, does someone ask you to throw binoculars down from the balcony? What about at the supermarket? Does someone go deep for a head of lettuce? You know moviegoers want him to throw some popcorn in their mouth, pandemic and all.

Brady, for his part, plays the role of cheerleader quite well in the video above, clapping for the team even after Beckham intercepts him twice. Grutman, a well-known Miami nightclub and restaurant owner, didn't really come back for the ball, so some of the blame has to be put on him, but it didn't look like Brady was giving his all there either. Determined to prove his athletic prowess, Grutman demands a third try, where Beckham backs off and Brady hits him on a buttonhook. A moment Grutman will talk about for at least the next week.

In all seriousness, I do imagine Brady is asked quite regularly at public functions to throw something to another human. It's what he's known for and people want to be able to say, "I caught a pass from Tom Brady." It's kind of like being a dolphin at SeaWorld jumping through a hoop for fish. People want to see Brady perform in front of them and, because he's such a good guy, he probably agrees more often than we know.

Does it get old? Does he like it? Is he just a machine who performs tricks without thinking? If I ever interview Brady, I'll ask him. For now I'll just sit back and enjoy the show and wonder if the main character is happy performing or not.