Dillon Brooks In Danger of Becoming Biggest Sports Loser We've Seen in a Long, Long Time

Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

For reasons beyond comprehension, Dillon Brooks has embarked on a journey to emerge as one of the lamest villains in the history of sports by asking for LeBron James and the Lakers, running his mouth, and doing precious little to back up all the talk. It doesn't make much sense because who in this polarizing world would want to unite people in thinking 'hey, this guy is showing all the qualities of coming off as a gigantic loser?'

The guy who dresses for the job he wants apparently, which is a tertiary bad guy in an action movie staring the seventh-best wrestler from a barnstorming circuit.

Anyway, Brooks was in a personal hell of his own making again last night as his Memphis Grizzlies fumbled a pivotal Game 4 in front of a crowd delighting at his each and every failure, of which there were many. He is now 5-for-22 from behind the three-point line in the playoffs and 19-for-51 overall. In 112 minutes of action he's managed to find 12 rebounds and 9 assists. James, who is much older and accomplishes more in a regular season than Brooks will likely ever accomplish in the league, has been spectacular.

Are you getting the picture? Things aren't going well for a man who wrote a bunch of checks he won't be cashing unless things turn around very quickly.

Part of me wonders if he's doing some sort of weird performance art and wonders if his teammates also might feel this way. Because he has shrunk to the size of a corncob in the span of three hilarious games.

Here he is after Game 2, the only Grizzlies win in the series.

And here he is after getting blown out of the building on Saturday night. *Touches earpiece* Actually, I'm being told we don't have the footage. Or any from last night either. Brooks has, in back-to-back games, put his tail between his legs and run away from all the molotov cocktails he flung with more accuracy than his outside shot now that the flames are lapping at his own feet.

All he could muster is "I'm out." After Game 3 he couldn't bring himself to face the consequences of his actions after bonking James in the balls.

Mike Wilbon, speaking for everyone, pointed out the obvious. That this is extreme chump behavior.

Game 5 is scheduled for Wednesday.