If the Commanders Don't Fire Ron Rivera After Two Losses to the Giants, They Aren't Serious

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
New York Giants v Washington Commanders / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Washington Commanders suffered one of the worst losses of the NFL season in Week 11, losing to Tommy DeVito and the New York Giants at FedEx Field. It was the second time the Giants beat the Commanders in a month, but this one just sounds so much worse than the first one. And if this six turnover performance doesn't get Ron Rivera fired then there's nothing that can happen this season to convince the Commanders' new owners that its worth changing coaches during the season.

Maybe Josh Harris doesn't want to pay a second head coach during a lost season, especially after he spent so much time handing gameballs back and forth with Rivera earlier in the year as they started 2-0 with wins over struggling teams.

Rivera is now 26-34-1 as the coach in Washington. The team went to the playofs once under Rivera - with a 7-9 record. He is not the future coach of the franchise. He is certainly not the current answer, unless the only goal is to continue losing, which the Commanders have now done seven of the previous nine games.

If you can't fire Rivera after Tommy DeVito throws three touchdowns against your defense, why ever fire him? Maybe it's because he gives hilarious press conferences after each defeat. Still, you sometimes fire a coach because it makes sense. Losing to the New York Giants' second and third string quarterbacks twice in a month certainly qualifies.

Or maybe Rivera will outlast us all. Maybe Rivera coaching your team is the key to happiness. Maybe Josh Harris knows something we don't and continued embarassment at the hands of your rivals is the real goal in Washington this season.