Deshaun Watson Has 21 Accusers, While 18 Women Have Now Come Forward to Support Him

Deshaun Watson during the 2020 Texans season.
Deshaun Watson during the 2020 Texans season. / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Deshaun Watson has been the main story of the NFL's offseason. Originally, it was Watson versus the Houston Texans, but two weeks ago women started coming forward accusing him of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. As of Wednesday morning, that number has grown to 21 accusers, all represented by Houston-based lawyer Tony Buzbee.

Watson has denied everything so far and today his own lawyer, Rusty Hardin, issued a press release with statements from 18 massage therapists who support Watson and say he was never anything but professional. According to the release, these 18 therapist claim to have treated Watson more than 130 times over the last five years.

The statement says that Hardin's office has received "dozens of unsolicited phone calls, letters, emails and texts from massage therapists" over the last couple weeks. Obviously, none of this proves that Watson didn't do what he's accused of doing to the other women.

To make things even more complicated, Buzbee posted a message on Instagram on Tuesday night saying his clients were wary of working with the Houston Police Department because Buzbee previously called for the chief's resignation and Hardin's son works for the Houston PD.

So there are now 39 women involved between the two sides and it doesn't sound like police will even have an opportunity to do a thorough investigation. So who figures out the truth? A civil court? The Texans? The NFL? it's only been two weeks, but the longer this drags out, the more of a circus this will become.