Derek Carr Really Showed Up to the Pro Bowl Games Looking Like Rob Lowe

Gaelen Morse/GettyImages

Derek Carr spent nine reasonably productive years with the Raiders franchise, making the big move from Oakland to Las Vegas. But that's all over as the two sides have agreed to explore new opportunities with new people. Carr still technically has a team yet he really doesn't have a team, which means his appearance at the new-fangled Pro Bowl Games promised to be intriguing in the sartorial segment. Bloggers and real reporters benefitting from a liberal credentialing process promised to be stacked upon each other, waiting to ask him who he was wearing. Some joked that he'd roll in looking like a more athletic Rob Lowe, loyal only to the shield. And those people were absolutely right.

Freed of all team allegiance and performing only for the National Football League and future lucrative contract, Carr really slung it at whatever low-stakes competition he was in. Then he laid down a pretty solid one-liner in an interview with ESPN's Ryan Clark.

A very important performance. One that almost makes you think of the Purgatory-type situation Carr maintained with the Raiders over the last several years where they were just good enough to sneak into the playoff but not good enough to do any damage once there.

Here's hoping he continues the bit and leans into it as the process plays out.