DeAndre Hopkins' Bad History With Bill O'Brien is Actually Good For the Patriots Because This is the NFL

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The first few years of DeAndre Hopkins' career were spent on the Houston Texans under coach Bill O'Brien. That time did not go well. While Hopkins became an All-Pro receiver, he also had some bad memories of his time with O'Brien. Like the time he was compared to Aaron Hernandez.

O'Brien eventually traded Hopkins for what looked like a bad return at the time, but eventually also turned into nothing. Hopkins would describe his relationship with O'Brien as "no relationship." Yet, this is the NFL and Hopkins knows O'Brien's system and when you know a system or have any sort of history spending time on the same team as someone, it's ALWAYS considered a good thing. Which is why O'Brien being the Patriots offensive coordinator is actually a good sign for the Patriots' chances to land Hopkins in free agency.

Or... DeAndre Hopkins just like the idea of playing for Bill Belichick?