Deadspin Staffers Are Quitting En Masse [UPDATE]

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Multiple Deadspin staffers announced their resignations on Wednesday, as the site's battle with its G/O Media bosses intensified. It has been a tumultuous week for the website as the internal struggle between the business side and the editorial side has spilled into the public eye.

Earlier in the week an internal memo from the editorial director of G/O Media, Paul Maidment, leaked. In it, Maidment demanded Deadspin staffers "stick to sports." The editorial team took exception to that and, given that the site's soul has always been closely attached to pop culture and politics, it makes complete sense.

The editorial team also took exception to the new autoplay ads being displayed on the site and penned a post letting readers know they objected to them. That post was quickly taken down by the bosses. It has been a week of unprecedented friction on the site.

The exodus of staffers began on Tuesday, as long-time editor Barry Petchesky was fired by CEO Jim Spanfeller for "not sticking to sports."

It continued today as Laura Wagner, Kelsey McKinney, Tom Ley, Lauren Theisen, Patrick Redford, Albert Burneko and Chris Thompson all took to twitter to announce they're out:

Early Thursday morning, Drew Magary, arguably the most prolific writer in the site's history, announced his resignation. Dan McQuade is also leaving.

The Gizmodo Media Group Union issued a statement about the resignations on Twitter:

This is a really sad end for many of the staffers at Deadspin. The site was a huge influence on the sports blogging community and has been a big part of the sports world for years. Whether you loved or loathed the site, it had a massive reach and it was a major player in the narrative of the sports world.