G/O Media Bosses Pull Deadspin Post Complaining About Autoplay Videos

Ryan Phillips

Deadspin and it's new corporate overlords, G/O Media, have been locked in a back-and-forth battle for the soul of the site over the past few months. We had more skirmishes in that melee on Monday as a post was pulled from the site regarding the company's new autoplay videos.

The post came from the "Deadspin Staff" account and addressed the autoplay videos that pop up with the sound on and the site's user experience as a whole. The editorial staff made clear it agreed with readers that these videos were a horrible idea. The post also implored readers to submit feedback about the site's user experience to an email address that hit "G/O Media's CEO, editorial director as well as the editors-in-chief of Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker and The Root."

The link to that content is now dead. According to Deadspin staff members, G/O leadership pulled the post without warning:

We also learned on Monday that G/O Media's editorial director sent a memo to Deadspin's employees imploring them to "stick to sports." Anyone who knows anything about the site knows it is at its best over the years when it hasn't stuck to sports.

Former Deadspin employee Timothy Burke proved that point with a tweet on Monday: