David Carr Shocks NFL Total Access Panel With Bad Taylor Swift Joke


Things almost got out of hand on NFL Total Access on Monday after David Carr was asked a simple question about which player in the Super Bowl might steal the show. Carr, who recently dipped his toes in Hot Take Lake when he suggested the Eagles play Marcus Mariota over Jalen Hurts, tried to make a joke about Taylor Swift and her choice in tight ends and his co-hosts just about revolted.

"So I'm glad Taylor Swift is out of the country because if she sees George Kittle, she might rethink the tight end she chose. That's all I'm saying."

The line was universally panned by Chase Daniel, Michael Yam, and Kimmi Chex who pointed out that Kittle is "married to his high school sweetheart" and shouted out Claire Kittle by name.

In addition to making no sense as far as romantic interests go, it doesn't make much sense from a football standpoint either. Kelce is four years older, but still producing at a higher level statistically than Kittle. While the 49ers tight end might be up there with Kelce physically, he's one of many playmakers on the San Francisco offense right now. Also, he's married to his high school sweetheart.

And on top of all that, what kind of woman does Carr think Taylor Swift is that she would simply see another tight end and rethink her choices? This is the kind of baseless accusation that keeps the tortured poets up at night.