Davante Adams Is Being Cryptic About His Future With the Packers Again

Davante Adams
Davante Adams / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Davante Adams has been rather vague about his future with the Green Bay Packers this offseason, which makes plenty of sense considering his Hall of Fame quarterback is still embroiled in whatever issues he has with the franchise. He threw more fuel on the fire last night.

It started when Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr did an interview with Bri Mellon, an anchor for ABC30 in Carr's hometown of Fresno, California. During that interview, Carr said he planned to try and recruit his former Fresno State teammate Adams to Vegas when the All-Pro receiver hits free agency in 2022. He used the term "full-court press," which of course means he's serious about his recruitment.

Mellon followed up with Adams. He said it would "be a dream" to reunite with his college quarterback but he's still a Packer and he'll deal with the future when it arrives.

Roughly a few hours before Mellon tweeted out that quote, Adams had a tweet of his own that raised eyebrows because it's the offseason and we don't have all that much to talk about.

What does it all mean? Who knows! Adams is a fan of these types of cryptic tweets, and it's become a topic of discussion given everything that's unfolded in Green Bay this year.

Regardless of what happens with Rodgers, Adams will have to deal with the reality that even if he wants to sign with the Raiders next year, the Packers will very likely slap the franchise tag on him. That's tough to work around unless he wants to go full Le'Veon Bell, which... did not really work out for the running back. So we'll see what happens.