John Skipper and Dan Le Batard to Set Sail on the Meadowlark

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

John Skipper and Dan Le Batard, who are teaming up to create something slightly bigger and higher-minded than a liberal answer to a right-leaning website, have released the name of the pirate ship they'll take out to choppy, competitive seas.

Meadowlark Media. Or simply Meadowlark if there's limited room on the stern.

Today's release promises a creator-centric point of view. Skipper says his first order of business is finding a new home for Le Batard's popular "audio programs," language that alludes to the already-beefy stable of podcasts flying under the rebel flag.

Launching an original content company was the most audacious and exciting option for Le Batard once it became clear his time at ESPN had an expiration date. Though his point of view is unique and one of his best qualities, there is a bit of a roadmap laid out already by The Ringer, which Bill Simmons built into an expansive and high-quality behemoth with a wide purview — a project that resulted in a massive payday from Spotify last year.

There's yet to be a deluge of announcements about personnel, but there has been a slow trickle. Amin Elhassan announced he'd be joining Dan aboard the ship last week. Jemele Hill has also reportedly had discussions with the duo. There are so many free agents on the market and so many who remain scattered from Bristol to Los Angeles with ties to Le Batard whose names wouldn't be a surprise to pop up over there.

Le Batard has been adamant during this transition process that the best place to find out news about the show and the larger company would be on his podcasts, so staying tuned there would seem to be the best course of action in terms of hearing anything definitive.