Scandal Surrounding Dan Le Batard Now Mushrooming Out of Control, Many Others Implicated


For the second time in as many days, a member of the Le Batard family has bellied on up to the bar to face the music in a gauzy, reading-from-prepared-remarks-for-the-first-time tone. Late last night it was the younger shock jock who sunk his future prospects into deeper uncertainty by revealing some things that would be Hilaria if they weren't so serious.

Tonight it's the elder Le Batard appearing with an unnamed cameraperson oddly struggling to stifle laughter as portions of the truth were doled out in last-minute desperation. "Doug from Des Moines" absolutely emptied the chamber, throwing himself and several other members of the expanded Le Batard and Friends Universe under the bus.

Bomani Jones, Pablo Torre, Mina Kimes, and Amin Elhassan were all mentioned by name and will have to answer for these eyebrow-raising accusations in short order.

This, of course, is a stunning fall from grace for the family just days before the final ESPN radio show airs.

As we speculated earlier today, this could throw a monkey wrench into an already fraught situation. Dealing with the fallout of a Dave Portnoy or a Howard Stern is one thing, but would a platform like SiriusXM really want to take on this type of baggage? Wherever this band of misfit toys ends up, the human resources department is going to have to call in a team of specialists to make sure everyone is who they say they are, and can prove it.

Sanity needs to be restored to this situation and quickly, before it's too late to salvage. Honestly, at this point it may have to be a local hour in Des Moines.