Dan Le Batard Makes Shocking Announcement, Future Even More Unclear


Dan Le Batard finds himself in a bit of a pickle right now. He orchestrated his departure from ESPN without having another landing place secured for his marching band to nowhere to blast their dissonant music. In this economy? With Stugotz finding the most personally beneficial angle for himself at the expense of the larger group? Yikes.

Now, just days before his final show on the network's airwaves, Le Batard did what he always does — make it about race — with a stunning admission that will rock the industry to its core and send ripple effects from Bristol to suburban Boston to wherever Alec Baldwin's wife's parents used to vacation when they were younger.

Absolute bombshell. And, really, who among us is surprised? You can't put anything past this guy. There have been so many times through the years a magical crate of content has materialized to save himself from self-destruction, but there's no lint-filled cardboard box enough to obscure this long-running con.

With Dan, it was half-expected that things would end like this. But Papi is another story. There is nothing Funny about this cartoonish Doug. To find out he was more of a Patti Mayonnaise this whole time will take some time to get over. It's like he did the fake-handshake bit but with far greater and sensitive stakes.

Credit where credit is due. It takes a big man to admit one's mistake and to come clean. It's just that the timing couldn't be worse.

Imagine SiriusXM finding this out just as they were putting the final touches on building a station around Le Batard's expanded universe. Or the good people at Spotify realizing that they wouldn't be getting another guy who doesn't rock the boat and steers clear of trouble like Joe Rogan? That's all in jeopardy now.