Dan Graziano Suggests Tension Between Tom Brady and Bruce Arians is Growing

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians.
Tom Brady and Bruce Arians. / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 7-4 with two losses in their last three games. Tom Brady has not been playing well. His poor play looks even worse considering the Bucs have done everything Brady wanted in terms of offensive roster construction. They've signed every running back you've ever heard of. They lured Rob Gronkowski out of retirement. They even signed Antonio Brown a few months after head coach Bruce Arians said he wanted nothing to do with him. So it's no surprise that tensions may be high between coach and player. Here's Dan Graziano on Get Up this morning, speaking about the potential rift.

The possibility that both of these guys did not get what they were expecting out of the other has some great potential for a messy breakup. Arians, in his second year as Bucs coach, has not been shy about criticizing Brady in public.

Brady came to Arizona to play in Arians' high-octane offense with some talented receivers. Arians expected someone who could air it out like Jameis Winston, minus the turnovers. Brady's numbers have been good, but the results have varied in November. If things don't improve or if the Bucs go out with a whimper in the playoffs, could the Bucs really get rid of Arians in the offseason?

Probably not, right? They're both pros who have been working in the NFL for decades. What's a little tension in the locker room between the face of the franchise and the head coach? Nothing winning can't fix. So just do that.