Dan Dakich's Braden Smith, Zach Edey Take Is Impossibly Stupid

Purdue v Indiana
Purdue v Indiana / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

On Saturday, after Indiana upset No. 1 Purdue, National Player of the Year candidate Zach Edey stood up for his Boilermakers teammate during the post-game press conference. He stepped in to take his share of responsibility after freshman guard Braden Smith had been asked about a mistake he made late in the contest. It was universally hailed as a telling moment, one where Edey showed leadership and stepped in to defend his young teammate. It was nice. Then Dan Dakich had to chime in with his characteristically horrible take.

Smith was asked about a late turnover where he drove the lane, then attempted to hit teammate Mason Gillis in the corner, but Indiana's Race Thompson slid over to intercept the pass. It was a crucial possession that went the Hoosiers' way. After Smith explained what he saw in the moment, Edey grabbed the microphone and said that was just one play and that the whole team missed a number of opportunities throughout. He even pointed to his own five turnovers.

Here's video:

On Monday, Dakich pushed back on the idea that this was good leadership by Edey. He also claimed Smith somehow avoided responsibility for his mistake because Edey grabbed the mic and offered his two cents. I'm not sure how that is Smith's fault but, let's let Dakich explain:

That take is absolutely divorced from reality.

Smith answered the reporter's question, thereby owning his mistake. Edey stepped in after that. Dakich seems to think Smith was avoiding the question somehow. The kid answered the question he was asked, then his teammate added to it. What exactly did you want to happen here, Dan? Hell, I'm an Indiana alum who is up for making fun of everything Purdue-related, and even I can't find a single angle worth mocking here.

This is just more evidence of Dakich slowly morphing from a once-colorful character with some off-beat opinions who offered solid analysis on ESPN's college basketball broadcasts, to a bitter hot-take machine whose opinions have no basis in reality.

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