Dallas Cowboys Fans Deal With Tush Push Problem In Different Ways

Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles managed to squeak by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon to take firm control of the NFC East. Things came down to the final play and every little thing mattered, including the Eagles running the Tush Push with success. When Jalen Hurts and the offensive line goes low, those on the opposing side of the ball also go low and grasp for straws in an attempt to get this nearly unstoppable play legislated out of the game.

Some people are super passionate about it, like this gentleman who believes the Eagles would be nothing without it — a bizarre claim made at peak volume.

Others have more fun with it, like the Cowboys radio crew last night. The desperate plea to have Stephen Jones wield his power on the NFL competition committee to get the Ass Mash banned will probably go unanswered, but it's worth a try.

The internet is jumping on these guys for being whiners and complainers but it seems fairly obvious that they were joking around. Like they knew how pathetic such an idea is and how much loser energy it would require to cry to the NFL that the team you play twice a year is simply too good at short-yardage play.