Stephen A. Smith Laughs At Dallas Cowboys From Private Plane


The Dallas Cowboys hung with the Philadelphia Eagles on the road for a full 60 minutes and fell a few yards short of capturing the NFL's best win of the season but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. It was a hell of a late-afternoon matchup and though it set the Eagles on a sure path to the NFC East crown I'll walk away with the impression the Cowboys might be just fine come playoff time. Which, obviously, is doing the analysis wrong because level-headed nuisance looks like dog crap when placed next to ESPN's highest-paid personality forcing himself to laugh like the Joker on a private plane about the five-point defeat.

It's kind of amazing that we ever got to this place. Where the two needle-movingest names in sports media debate shouting leverage the Dallas Cowboys in their little pro wrestling skits — one serving as the superfan and the other as the hater. Obviously this is something that a lot of people enjoy and Smith continues to be richly rewarded for doing all the things he does but there was a time when this type of stuff didn't happen. The person who told you — sorry, didn't they tell you! — that a three-point favorite would win at home did not specifically film content to let you know that they predicted correctly from the plane Logan Roy died on.

Over in the Fox Sports universe, Bayless resisted the urge to throw the same jersey he's thrown away many times into the garbage yet again and instead stood very normally and spoke with a tone of a president whose country will get their vengence in this life or the next.

Does it get any better than this, folks? Guess it doesn't.