Dad of the Year Catches Nick Castellanos Home Run While Holding Small Child and That'll Make It a 2-0 Ballgame


There are many things that rule about what happened during the second inning of today's Philadelphia Phillies-Atlanta Braves matinee. First and foremost, a family took a whole mess of kids out to the ballpark and no one was injured by a Nick Castellanos dinger that flew into their immediate proximity. Secondly, a man got to feel as cool as you can ever feel by making a slick snag while holding one of those kids. Thirdly, he got to show off his arm Rookie of the Year style after the opposing team's home run.

But what's best about it is that the whole ordeal, a potential catch of the year, will do wonders in showing that there is no reason for a mature adult to bring a glove to a game. A bare hand, if weilded with precision and confidence, can do just as well.

Bally Sports South caught up with the new internet hero, Grady Rikard, to interview him about being thrust into greatness and he was as cool as they come.

Absolute best-case scenario. The stuff dads go to bed dreaming about. Almost makes the $300 or whatever the all-in cost for such a venture worth it.