'Cunk on Earth ' Introducing a New Generation to Technotronic's 'Pump Up the Jam'


Philomena Cunk has entered our lives and she has brought Technotronic with her. Cunk on Earth debuted on Netflix on Thursday after originally airing on the BBC back in the Fall. It's basically another dry British comedy masterpiece as Cunk (played by Diane Morgan) teaches viewers about the history of the world through interviews with experts and whatever else COVID protocols would allow. In the first episode that includes approximately 40 uninterrupted seconds of the music video for Technotronic's early-90's dance hit "Pump Up the Jam."

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Unfortunately for me (and now you ) I read a spoiler (SPOILER ALERT) that this is a running gag throughout the five episode series. The good news is that this song is actually pretty great. It's currently up to 277 million views on YouTube and if you look at the comments below the video (organized as most recent) then you will see a ton of people saying that they are there because of Cunk.

Good for us. Good for Cunk. Great for Technotronic.

In case you don't want to keep Googling, Philomena Cunk debuted on a show called Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe back in the '10's and has since appeared in things like Cunk on Britain and Cunk on Christmas, which you currently have to search for, but will hopefully show up on Netflix because as Americans we all deserve universal access to British comedy.