Crazy LIV Golf Scoreboard Will Stay With CW Deal

LIV Golf Invitational - Portland - Round Two
LIV Golf Invitational - Portland - Round Two / Steve Dykes/GettyImages

LIV Golf took a pretty significant step forward as far as securing a long-term spot in the sports landscape today, announcing it had reached a broadcast deal with CW. The network will broadcast all 14 of LIV's events in 2023. Previously only available on streaming, LIV locking down a deal with CW to bring its tournaments to standard broadcast television is a huge deal for its viewership numbers and long-term viability.

That's what the media nerds care about. What we the people want to know is if LIV's insane custom scoreboard will stay despite its shift to television. And it will! Via the LIV Golf press release:

LIV Golf’s innovative production coverage, which LIV will continue to produce with its in-house team, will maintain its format and style from the 2022 Invitational season. LIV’s coverage includes a shotgun start, distinctive live leaderboard, enhanced drone coverage, statistics-driven graphics, and fast-paced coverage featuring nearly twice as many golf shots per hour than traditional golf coverage.

Thank goodness. What would we do without this monstrosity?

Just think-- this will be in 4K come February. LIV probably has some new tricks up its sleeve for the first-ever traditional broadcast, too. Let's get weird.