The LIV Golf Leaderboard Will Shock Your Every Sense


LIV Golf is off in running in London. The PGA Tour waited until all the defectors teed off to announce its punishment in email form. The horse is out of the barn now and things will only get more intense as one league tries to siphon off the other and allegiances are established.

From a purely experiential standpoint, LIV's livestream is proving to be an interesting telecast. It has far more energy than what you'd see on CBS, NBC or ESPN and has drawn heavily on F1 broadcasts. Nowhere more so than the on-screen leaderboard, which has a tremendous amount of stuff going on.

Early reviews suggest that the PGA Tour could learn a thing or two from putting out a Crash Bandicoot-looking bonanza with confounding abbreviations onto its crisp and perfect broadcasts. Because that's what's missing.

I guess I would question why you would make it harder to understand who is playing in this when the field is full of fringe players not easily recognized by their full names, but I'm not the one printing money and attracting the Bad Boys of Golf.