Craig Carton: Dak Prescott Is Biggest Failure to Play Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys

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Craig Carton and his merry band of opinionists were up early this morning working hard to provide content, which is very respectable considering that Undisputed is taking a prolonged vacation and robbing us of strong takes. They discussed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who recently expressed a sense of urgency coming into his eighth NFL season, which is a bit of a nothing burger because America's Team is owned by Jerry Jones and always exists under the brightest spotlight.

Not to be outdone, Carton uncorked a doozy, saying Prescott is the biggest failure to ever start for the franchise.

On first blush, that seems wrong but when you study the archives it could be correct. Sure, there's the whole Tony Romo business and Prescott is a few more empty seasons and playoff bowouts from matching Romo's body of damage to the fanbase. The argument boils down to what one defines as a failure. Obviously Prescott has had a solid career and some bad luck and dropped some stinkers at the wrong time. Injuries and bad time management and β€” gulp β€” having more complete teams in the NFC requires a reasonable conversation to be more nuanced but that doesn't rate or draw eyeballs.

In this business one needs to be binary and Carton threading the needle to such a juicy clip in the sleep mid-July malaise helps explain why he keeps getting jobs. On the other hand, it is weird to paint someone as a loser for wanting to win.