Craig Carton: Chris Jones Is an Idiot

Chris Jones
Chris Jones / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs will finally be getting their All-Pro defensive tackle back as Chris Jones' holdout sputtered out earlier this week. Jones wanted a new contract and sat out all of training camp along with the team's home opener against the Detroit Lions to make it happen. Ultimately Jones didn't really change much about his current deal, but he did get his fines from missing all that time covered and added a few achievable incentives that give him something resembling a raise.

Nevertheless that new contract was a bit underwhelming. There was a lot of drama for a disappointing conclusion. Jones did a community event at a McDonald's while still holding out and said he just wanted to be paid fairly but didn't want to be a distraction. Then he watched the season opener from a suite at Arrowhead Stadium. All that to add non-guaranteed money to his deal seemed like a lot of work for minimal payoff. But that's how it usually shakes out. The team holds the power in the vast majority of contract holdouts and all the hubbub ends up for naught.

Craig Carton feels very strongly about how this went down and said on The Carton Show this morning that Jones is a tremendous football player and also an idiot.

A wildly unnecessary statement and something that clearly comes from Carton's shock jockey days. Not that he has grown out of that stage but the lights are a bit brighter for a national show than New York radio.

I don't really know how Jones is an idiot. He didn't get everything he wanted but he did get something and in the process showed the team how valuable he was for the next round of contract negotiations. Even if you think Jones cost the Chiefs the game by holding out it's hard to argue he's an "idiot" for doing so. Because ultimately it proved the push necessary to get Kansas City to budge. Even if it wasn't very much.