Conor McGregor-Anderson Silva Would Be the Most Unnecessary Super Fight Ever

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva / Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

For as long as men have fought for the entertainment and money of others, people have wanted to see super fights between people of different shapes and sizes. This is what the UFC was originally based on. The toughest dudes in the world coming together to decide the title of toughest dude in the world.

As the UFC evolved, weight classes were implemented and became barriers keeping certain fighters from getting it on. For years fans begged for Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva to fight, but it never happened for whatever reason. Possibly because Silva was so damn big compared to GSP.

So it's kind of crazy that we're now going to talk about Silva fighting Conor McGregor, who is even smaller than GSP. Yet earlier this week, Silva suggested the fight on Instagram after McGregor named Silva the greatest fighter of all time.

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SUPER ??FIGHT 176.37LBS Tenho uma imensa admiração pelo grande atleta Conor e acredito que um super fight seria algo histórico para o esporte, nem um de nós precisa provar mais nada a ninguém; acredito que os fãs do ufc e do esporte gostariam de ver este grande espetáculo marcial, testar minhas habilidades marciais com ele seria fantástico!! I have immense admiration for the great athlete that Conor is and I believe that a super fight would go down in the history of the sport, neither of us need to prove anything to anyone; I believe that fans of the UFC and of this sport would like to watch this great martial arts spectacle, it would be fantastic to test my martial arts skills against him!!

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McGregor wasted no time "accepting" the fight. Now it's on the UFC to put it together and everyone will be satisfied as two of the best ever meet in the octagon. The only question should be which UFSEA event will host the bout, right?

No. The fight is ridiculous. McGregor last fought in January, but he's only stepped into the ring twice in the last three years. His highly profitable boxing exhibition against Floyd Mayweather was nearly three years ago now.

Silva is 45 years-old. He hasn't fought in a year and he's lost six of his last eight fights dating back to July 2013. After one of those wins, he failed a drug test.

Then there's the size difference. At 6-foot-2, Silva fought most of his career as a huge 185-pounder. He also fought at light heavyweight, having no issue still looking pretty big at 205. McGregor spent most of his career winning belts at 145 and 155. Not that he'd ever worry about a size difference. The man fought The Mountain.

There is no reason for this fight to happen beyond the fact that it would be interesting to see and probably make everyone involved a lot of money. So it will probably happen. The UFC has Fight Island where they can pretty much do whatever they want. If there was ever a time to make a fight between two guys who absolutely have no business fighting each other, it is now.