Colts GM Chris Ballard on the Hot Seat Based on Comments Made by Chris Ballard

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts just finished a disastrous season. They fired Frank Reich after a 3-5-1 start, hired Jeff Saturday to replace him and things only got worse from there. Today general manager Chris Ballard talked to the press and didn't sound too optimistic about general manager Chris Ballard, the man who helped construct the 4-12-1 team that lost seven straight games to end the season and will pick 4th in the 2023 NFL Draft, addressed the media today. In Colts tradition, it was notable. Ballard kicked things off by saying he had failed.

Of course, that kind of thing happens sometimes. The real problem is cancel culture, which is now apparently coming for unsuccessful general managers. But it's also justified and can also be good. A real mixed bag.

Ballard also noted that he came very close to losing his job multiple times this year. One might imagine Ballard called Ballard into Ballard's office dozens of time this year to tell him it's his last chance to sort things out.

Presumably this will be Ballard's last chance. If the Colts don't nail the draft and start to turn things around next year then Jim Irsay - or even Chris Ballard - might need to reconsider Chris Ballard's position. While Ballard has been general manager the Colts have gone 45-42-1 and they're only 5-19 without Frank Reich. You do the math on who goes next.