Colin Cowherd Defends Trey Lance Injury Comments

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Colin Cowherd caught some heat from San Francisco 49ers fans over the weekend following the injury to Trey Lance. Lance broke his ankle early in the team's matchup against the Seattle Seahawks and underwent surgery, knocking him out for the season. Shortly afterwards, Cowherd hopped on his podcast to record his instant reaction to the news and expressed his opinion that San Francisco is a much better team with Jimmy Garoppolo running the show.

Those are fairly innocuous comments from a guy who is paid the big bucks to analyze sports, but Niners fans did not appreciate Cowherd's haste to tell everyone the team is better off now. Cowherd defended himself, saying that Lance didn't break his neck and everyone are adults here, so he should be able to speak his opinion.

Cowherd waited until Tuesday to address this controversy and expanded further on his tweet in the first minute or so of the video below.

"It's not my job for you to be ready to hear the truth," Cowherd said. "I'm going to give you the truth, and if you're not ready for it, that is a you problem. If someone passed away and I thought they were a horrible person, I'd talk about it the next morning. 'Well, it's not the time or the place.' Well, they were a bad person, they're no longer here, I have to talk about it, I'm going to do it on my terms for my show and fill the segment. I'm not going to wait 11 days until you've had therapy to get over it. 49er fans: get over it. The team's better with Garoppolo than Trey Lance ... I'm not here to wait for you to be able to handle that news."

Some feisty comments from Cowherd. And for our money, he's right. Everyone acknowledges it sucks for Lance to suffer such an injury. Cowherd even said as much in the video that got him into hot water with the 49ers faithful in the first place. But he isn't in the wrong to express his opinion that Garoppolo is a better option, no matter how soon after the injury occurred. It is literally his job to do so!

It is absurd to take aim at Cowherd about this and even more so to imply he lacks compassion because Lance used to date his daughter, as many users have done. Everyone needs to relax.