Colin Cowherd Isn't Sure Dak Prescott is Better Than Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott
Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz are once again division rivals after a brief, one-season hiatus that saw Wentz take a quick trip to the AFC before getting sent back to the NFC East. This time, Wentz is in Washington with the newly-branded Commanders while Prescott remains quarterback of America's Team.

That's not all that's different. Wentz is now widely viewed as damaged goods. The Colts ditched him one year after forking over some high draft picks and took on a lot of salary to ensure he was no longer on the team. Prescott, meanwhile, is still viewed as a good quarterback who played a large role in the Cowboys' best season in years.

Colin Cowherd, however, isn't sure which one he'd prefer. In fact, when ranking every division's starting quarterbacks on The Herd today, the Fox Sports host said he thought it was a "coin flip" between the two and named Wentz the best quarterback in the NFC East.

If that sounds crazy, that's because it is! Prescott was much better statistically than Wentz last season, throwing for 10 more touchdowns and 900 more yards in 2021. He threw 10 interceptions to Wentz's seven, admittedly, but Wentz's interceptions were infamously bad and the difference of three picks doesn't matter as much when Prescott was that much more statistically proficient.

But the stats don't even matter when it comes to this kind of argument. How many general managers around the league would take Prescott over Wentz? You have to imagine every single one. Prescott had some duds last year, but was coming off nearly a full year without playing after his nasty ankle injury in 2020 and dealt with a calf issue halfway through the season. Wentz was more or less healthy throughout the 2021 campaign (a shock in of itself) and was not as good a quarterback.

All that is without getting into stuff like Wentz collapsing like a house of cards with a playoff berth on the line or the fact that he was apparently so widely disliked that Frank Reich, Wentz's champion in Indianapolis, felt the need to apologize to owner Jim Irsay for bringing him aboard. The latter point may not be relevant to how he measures up to Prescott, but when taken into account with the stats and the wins, it paints a picture of a quarterback who just isn't very good.

Wentz is serviceable, but you can't say he'll bring a good team to the playoffs. He had a damn good team last year and failed. Prescott, on the other hand? He took a loaded Cowboys team to a division title. They didn't win a playoff game but it's a step further than Wentz got. How Cowherd could consider it a coin flip between the two is beyond comprehension.