Colin Cowherd Explains What 'The Match' Told Us About Aaron Rodgers' Future

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers played a televised round of golf yesterday with Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, and Bryson DeChambeau. The Match's second iteration featuring football stars felt a bit flat compared to the first and some people are going to have to re-measure the ceiling that comes with this vehicle. Viewers patient enough to stick around for the slow-burn were likely most intrigued to see what types of clues would emerge on the Rodgers-Green Bay front.

In reality, there wasn't much as the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback continues to opt for the ol' we'll see approach. Colin Cowherd, who got where he is by noticing stuff, offered his reading of the general vibe and explained why he believes a decision has already been made and the fate of a Green Bay future accepted.

Cowherd may ultimate be proven correct. Rodgers took more than his share of lighthearted needling about the situation in front of millions. He handled it well, never really giving a strong reaction or indication of leaning in either direction. With most people, this as as good a sign as any.

But it might be worth being cautious when ascribing how the average Joe would deal with things to Rodgers. Like him, hate him or remain indifferent, he certainly marches to his own drum. He's spoken about getting closer to mental health during this offseason. Nothing in the past few months suggests he's uncomfortable existing in what is essentially purgatory for Packers fans.

Envisioning him going around and letting it be known that there were no jokes to be had at his expense is really, really difficult. But hey, maybe.

So in summation, possibly something. Possibly just some dudes out on the golf course busting chops.