CNN's Brooke Baldwin Was Not Prepared For Minnesota's Monthly Tornado Siren Test

Brooke Baldwin at a CNN Heroes event.
Brooke Baldwin at a CNN Heroes event. / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Minnesota tests their tornado siren around 1pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Having never been to Minnesota, I had no idea about this. Neither did CNN. During a live hit outside the courthouse where Derek Chauvin is on trial in Minneapolis, the siren went off. Soon to be former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin made the executive decision to take Josh Campbell off the air.

Credit to Baldwin for worrying about the safety of her co-workers, but for anyone familiar with the monthly tradition, it was quite amausing. And probably something they get a kick out of whenever some out-of-towner unexpectedly experiences the siren for the first time.

Baldwin is leaving CNN later this month.