Chris Russo and Chris Christie Debating C-SPAN's Presidential Rankings is Everything You Want

James K. Polk, who is properly rated.
James K. Polk, who is properly rated. / Mathew Brady/Getty Images

With the Super Bowl and Tom Brady's rare hangover in the rearview mirror, sports radio hosts embark on the dog days of winter, desperate for anything interesting until the NCAA Tournament or Opening Day shakes the hope and spring out of people. Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is the ultimate pro's pro and knows how to find elite content on even the dreariest of day. Armed with a 2017 list of best presidents compiled by C-SPAN and one-time aspiring president himself Chris Christie, Russo flipped on the red light and created radio gold.

This right here is why Russo is among the best in the business. He and Christie are giving the topic every bit the effort they'd give ranking the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFC East. They're not afraid to zig when everyone else zags, staking their claim that JFK was, in fact, overrated.

I am unclear if there was a prolonged segment featuring callers phoning in to take issue with some of the list's decisions. If not, that was a giant missed opportunity. Any time you can get Sal from West Islip or Carl from Ramapo on a car phone involved, you should absolutely do it. The only thing dads who listen to live radio enjoy as much as sports is the History Channel and knowing about six solid U.S. history facts.

C-SPAN's compilation is a rich text. As with any list, the real fun comes the further into it you get. Hearing Russo and Christie get heated about Calvin Coolidge being above James Garfield or Zachary Taylor over Rutherford B. Hayes would be a delightful encore.