Three Thursday Night Football Predictions For Chiefs - Broncos

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

The Chiefs and Broncos are having mirror opposite seasons. The Chiefs started 4-0 before losing their last two games to playoff contenders. The Broncos started their season 0-4 before winning their last two games against two bad teams. Tonight they meet in Denver, where order will be restored.

1. Patrick Mahomes Will Not Look Like an MVP
The Broncos are only giving up 17.7 points a game this season. They're 5th in the league in scoring defense and 4th in passing defense. They've only given up four passing touchdowns all season. If Patrick Mahomes was ever going to have a "bad" week, it would be here.

Last week Mahomes had his worst performance of the season when he completed just 54% of his passes for 274 passing yards, three touchdowns, and one controversial interception. Now he's a little banged up and facing a good defense on the road on a short week. Tomorrow could be a great day for "What's Wrong With Patrick Mahomes" articles.

2. Phillip Lindsay Will Look Like an MVP
While the deck is stacked against Mahomes, things could line up nicely for Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay. Lindsay is 17th in rushing attempts this season and 15th in yards per carry. The Chiefs have given up the 2nd-most rushing yards in the NFL this season. If the Broncos can get an early lead or keep it very close, then Lindsay could have a huge night.

3. Denver Will Win
If those first two things happen, then the Broncos should be able to beat the Chiefs and really muddy the standings of the AFC West. The Chiefs would be 4-3, the Raiders 3-2 and the Broncos wouldn't be far behind at 3-4. Can you imagine explaining that to someone who traveled here from September 2019? They would think you were an insane person.

Bonus Prediction: These Predictions Might Actually Be Bad
Just by flipping the ceremonial coin tonight, referees are creating two possible timelines. On one side of the coin, Lindsay dominates, Mahomes struggles and the Broncos win at home. The Chiefs, who were had the second-best Super Bowl odds coming into the season, have to fight to the very end of the year to even clinch their own division. With three loses before November, it will be nearly impossible for the Chiefs to get a first round bye.

If the coin falls the other way, Joe Flacco gets prominently involved, Patrick Mahomes has his average incredible performance, you switch over to Yankees - Astros by halftime and the Chiefs go back to running away with the AFC West. Most importantly, it would mean these predictions were all wrong, which is the most likely scenario.