Matt Nagy Drank and Danced at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl last weekend. On Wednesday they celebrated with a big parade that ended with an airing of grievances. One person who wasn't playing the Nobody Believes in Us card was quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy who was way too busy having the time of his life. In the picture above you can see him with two Bud Lights in one hand while he makes a surfs up gesture with the other. In the video below you'll see him dancing.

It's hard to describe how far Nagy has come in the last 13 months. On January 10, 2022 he was fired by the Chicago Bears. A year ago he had no job. Today he has a Super Bowl ring.

Nagy spent about a decade with Andy Reid in Philadelphia and Kansas City before he got to coach the Chicago Bears for four years. He took Mitch Trubisky to the playoffs twice in that time, which, all things considered, might not be the worst job anyone has ever done.

Whether he ever gets another shot as a head coach in the NFL remains to be seen, but there have to be worse ways to make a living than being the quarterback coach of Patrick Mahomes. It certainly looks more fun than most NFL jobs.