Four Chris Jones Free Agency Destinations

Chris Jones
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Dan Campbell
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Detroit Lions

The Lions will have $58 million in cap space and badly need to spend it on their defense. Now, spending it all on a defensive tackle doesn't seem right, given they were very good against the run last year but downright horrific against the pass. But Jones transcends those lines of logic. Game-changing players who operate on the interior are extremely rare and can make up for a lot of other weaknesses on the defense-- like, say, the secondary. And it's not like the Lions are totally set on the defensive line. They mustered up only 41 sacks as a team last year and generally struggled with rushing the quarterback, even in obvious passing situations. Thinking of Jones as a fix for that problem rather than an addition to the defensive line makes it a much better idea in theory.

Detroit came so close to Super Bowl glory last year that a big, splashy signing like this not only makes sense but could very well push them over the edge to true championship contention. As big believers in the Detroit Lions around these parts, we'd love to see it.