Charles Barkley Latest Person to Trash Taylor Swift Critics

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley /

The backlash to the Taylor Swift backlash has now created its own level of discourse that is reaching corners of the sports media realm we never would have expected any Swift-related discourse to reach. Like The Herd, where earlier this week Colin Cowherd put out maybe his best segment in years thoroughly decimating the part of the country legitimately worked up over the famous pop star getting fewer than 30 seconds of screentime between plays of an NFL playoff game.

On Wednesday it reached CNN and the latest edition of King Charles. Gayle King and Charles Barkley were joined by Bob Costas and they held a conversation about the "frenzy" surrounding Swift and Travis Kelce. Barkley took this opportunity to look at the audience and declare that, if you are complaining about Swift, you are a loser. Or a jackass. One or the other.

You have to wonder how Barkley would react once informed that there are not only people complaining about her, but apparently firmly believe that she is a mind experiment sent by Joe Biden who is tasked with brainwashing the greater population. The things he would say would not be safe for whatever network he might be on at the moment.

This is pretty much what you would expect from Barkley on this topic. One of Barkley's primary talents as a media member is to point at something and say "that's stupid" (in his own way) and everyone laughs and agrees. Perhaps that is why CNN paid him the big bucks to have his own show with Gayle King. All political networks need a "that's stupid" guy.

And this? This is stupid. Tremendous content, however.