CeeDee Lamb's Monster Day Propels Oklahoma Over Texas

Oklahoma v Texas
Oklahoma v Texas / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Saturday marked the latest edition of the Red River Rivalry when No. 7 Oklahoma and No. 11 Texas faced off in Dallas. It ended up being far uglier than anyone expected; Oklahoma's defense came to play and didn't allow Texas to get anything going all game, while Jalen Hurts had his worst game of the year and turned the ball over twice in the red zone (although he did go behind the back in a sweet move).

But CeeDee Lamb was nothing short of ridiculous. He's had a great season and already solidified himself as one of the best receivers in an absolutely stacked draft class, but he brought it to another level today. Without Lamb, it's hard to see Oklahoma pulling it out. Just look at these stats:

Yeah, I'd call that a good day. But the numbers don't even do it justice. I present photo evidence:

Just outrageous. A portion of the credit goes to Texas and their exceptionally poor tackling, but Lamb looked like a man among boys on both of those catches.

This monstrous performance puts Lamb up to 18 catches for 439 yards and seven touchdowns on the year, an average of 24.4 yards per catch. Sure, some of it is Lincoln Riley and his mad genius machinations, but a coach can only do so much, as exhibited in the plays above.

As if Oklahoma wasn't enticing enough, Lamb alone is becoming must-see television on Saturdays. This kid will be fascinating to watch going forward.