CBS Sports Had a Tremendous Weekend in the Ratings Department

Josh Allen
Josh Allen / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

There were some high-quality football games on this weekend, if you didn't know. On Saturday, No. 6 Tennessee upset No. 3 Alabama in one of the best college football games of the season. There was pandemonium on the field and the goalposts ended up in the river. One day later, the Buffalo Bills took down the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in a down-to-the-wire finish that Tony Romo somehow predicted the precise final score of.

The biggest winner, though, didn't play in either game. CBS Sports broadcast both contests and boy, did they deliver in the ratings department.

Per CBS, the Tennessee-Alabama game was the most-watched college football game of the year, hitting 11 million viewers and peaking at 17 million. It was the most-watched game between the two schools on record and the viewership was up a ridiculous 145 percent compared to last year, which makes sense but is still an impressive increase to behold.

But, as we all know, NFL is king. Per the network, an average of 25 million viewers tuned in to see Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen square off. It was the most-watched Week 6 game in the CBS slot in 15 years. The network also pointed out that it was a 43 percent increase in viewership over last year's matchup between the two teams that took place on Sunday Night Football.

Both games were always going to deliver, especially in the late-afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. It helped a lot that both games came down to the final regulation but didn't drag out into overtime. The perfect storm on an October weekend for CBS.