Tony Romo Predicted the Final Score of Bills-Chiefs

David Eulitt/GettyImages

Tony Romo's predictive powers are well-known and although he's been telegraphing plays before they happen with less frequency as his CBS career goes on, he's more than capable of dipping back into that bag of tricks. Working the highly anticipated Buffalo Bills-Kansas City Chiefs game this afternoon, Romo assessed the state of play 10 minutes in and deduced we weren't headed for a shootout, but instead a 24-20 type of final.

"To me, this is not going to be a high-scoring game," he said. "These two defenses are going to make you drive the field. The clock's going to run a lot because they're going to be consistently checking it down and running the football. Every once in awhile you'll get a big play. This is going to be a 24-20 type of game."

After all the Josh Allen heroics had settled, the final count on the scoreboard was Bills 24, Chiefs 20.

Now, this is pretty good. It would have been better if Romo had given a winner along with the tally, yet it's considered uncouth for analysts to go full Lee Corso during a game. There are still some rules.

Pretty neat little nugget or something for aggrieved Kansas City fans to spin into a conspiracy. Maybe both.