Carson Wentz News Leak Makes Carson Wentz Look Selfish

Carson Wentz.
Carson Wentz. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Carson Wentz is mired in a disastrous season as a player that somehow just got worse from a perception standpoint of him as a teammate.

According to Adam Schefter, Wentz is upset about being benched for rookie Jalen Hurts and would rather leave the Eagles than be a backup to Hurts moving forward. This comes exactly a week after Hurts led the Eagles to an upset win over the Saints in his first career start, throwing for 167 yards and a touchdown and running for 106 yards.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson named Hurts the Eagles starter this week against the Cardinals too but has not committed to him starting the final two games of the season. Wentz leads the NFL in interceptions with 15, has fumbled the ball 10 times, and is completing the lowest percentage of throws (57.4%) in his career. Despite his putrid performance, which would get any other starter at any other position benched, Wentz apparently isn't happy with hitting the pine.

An interesting point to consider is who leaked this information because it really makes Wentz look selfish. By every metric available and based on the eye test, Wentz has been the worst quarterback in the NFL throughout this season and has cost the Eagles several opportunities to win games. Yet a week after his team gets a win (which is all that matters in the NFL, right Carson?) thanks to the performance of his former backup and Wentz now wants out of Philly? That certainly doesn't come across as a team-first player.

Whoever leaked this report hasn't done Wentz or the Eagles any favors. It was going to be hard enough to trade Wentz this offseason because of his bloated contract ($34.6 million cap hit in 2021)coupled with his terrible performance this season, but throw in a desire to be the starting quarterback no matter how bad he's playing and you have a situation few teams will be interested in getting involved with. The Eagles also can't release Wentz because it would count for over $59 million in dead cap space in 2021, so a trade is their only path forward to appease Wentz if Hurts is their new starter.

Things are getting worse for Wentz in a season where most assumed he'd already hit rock bottom. Regardless of how Hurts plays this week, the best thing Wentz can do moving forward is be a good teammate, collect his millions and attempt to keep news like this from leaking out in the future. That doesn't guarantee he'll get his way, but it'll put him in a much better position than he finds himself today.