Carson Wentz and the Eagles are Engaged in a PR War Where Neither Wins

Carson Wentz.
Carson Wentz. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Carson Wentz and the Eagles put out contradictory messages ahead of the regular-season finale, with Wentz's camp making it clear he wants out of Philadelphia and the Eagles saying they want to make it work between them and Wentz.

Whether you're on Wentz's side or the franchise's, neither wins in this public relations battle.

The report about Wentz wanting out of Philadelphia came out first, with Chris Mortensen saying Wentz is expected to demand a trade this offseason because the relationship between him and the franchise is "fractured beyond repair."

A few weeks ago, after being benched in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts, a report emerged saying Wentz didn't want to a backup. I wrote why that wouldn't help his cause then and neither will this.

Minutes after the latest report of Wentz's discontentedness aired, a video featuring Cris Collinsworth emerged with Collinsworth saying Eagles coach Doug Pederson wants to find a way to make it work with him and Hurts. Mike Garafolo said the same thing.

How they can make both quarterbacks happy is nearly impossible to imagine currently. From a financial standpoint it makes sense because trading Wentz would create over $33 million in dead cap space in 2021. Regardless, this public posturing helps neither side.

Wentz is mired in his worst season as a pro and the worst statistical season of any quarterback this year. Being upset over getting benched in that scenario is delusional, if not downright disrespectful to the coach who made the decision, neither of which are good traits for a quarterback.

Wentz also comes across as someone who doesn't like competition and will only be happy if he's the unquestioned leader of a team. Don't forget, Nick Foles walked away from Philly unobstructed in free agency after leading the franchise to their first Super Bowl. One has to assume Wentz was happy with that outcome based on the fact that he "wasn't thrilled" with them drafting Hurts this offseason.

As for the Eagles, they're trying to conjure up trade leverage that doesn't exist. Hurts is clearly the quarterback-of-the-future in Philly and Wentz is clearly upset. There's no way to make that work. Because of Wentz's outrageous contract, the best they can hope for is to get that contract off their books. Nothing more. This report just makes it look they want to fix an unsolvable problem.

Moving forward, the best either side can do is keep quiet and let the trade offers come in. When they do, try and leverage one against the other, if there are multiple. If not, cut your losses and move on. All this blustering isn't helping anyone.