Car Dealership Employees Have Amazing All-Out Brawl on the Sales Floor


Have you ever felt the palpable tension from the sales floor of a car dealership as you sit hostage in the waiting room with Skip Bayless blasting from the television while mechanics perform maintenance on your lease? Probably. Has that ever escalated to a full-blown brawl that brings many departments together like that scene from Anchorman? Probably not.

But weekend shifts are different as this Toyota outfit in California helpfully proves.

Whatever sparked all this had been simmering for a while. They all went at it like it was a Chicago White Sox game.

Can you imagine if you were on-site for this display? Imagine a man coming over with his hair tussled and shirt untucked, bleeding from the corners of his mouth plopping back down on his desk with some further paperwork for you to sign. On one hand it'd be alarming. On the other, you might respect him more.

Going to be a tense week of picking up the fragile pieces but we do know one thing. We would not want to play this company's softball team right now. They're going to come out with intense ferocity, perhaps galvanized by the fracas and destined for an eight-game winning streak. And they're all just dying to take it out on someone outside those walls.