Cam Newton Revenge Tour Campaign Really Ramping Up Now

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Cam Newton went more or less radio silent in the months spent as a free agent following his release from the Carolina Panthers. Now that he's a member of the New England Patriots, Newton has slowly grown louder via his social media presence. After his latest video, it is safe to say that he has officially embarked on the revenge tour campaign trail.

Shortly after Newton's signing was announced, he posted a brief thank you to Carolina/on to New England video on his YouTube channel. Over the holiday weekend, the former MVP threw up a hype video with some quality production value of him throwing to new teammate Mohammed Sanu. Late on Sunday night, when most of America was sound asleep after the recent days of festivities, Newton put up an Instagram post declaring he is tired of being humble.

We got all the boxes checked. Angry about perceived disrespect? Yup. No other way to interpret "You gonna choose that, over THIS?" That could be referring to the Panthers, but it also could be referring to the 30 other teams that had a chance to sign Newton and declined to do so. Shedding one's old persona for a different one that is new, improved, and ready to prove all doubters wrong? He's tired of being humble, so yep!

I will say these revenge tour videos are a little less intimidating than its predecessors, because all Newton can really do is pace around his home gym and talk to himself. But seeing as he is a very large and muscular man, the point still lands.

Newton is healthy and very motivated to show everyone he's still got it. If the 2020 season proceeds as planned, it should be fun watching Newton put months of words into action.