Cam Newton Dropped a Hype Video With Serious Production Value (Feat. Mohamed Sanu)

Kyle Koster

New England Patriots fans can no longer look forward to Tom Brady's corny social media posts highlighting how hard he's working and how hard he wants to win. But when one door closes, another opens. Cam Newton, the franchise's new presumed starting quarterback, released some cinema late, late Wednesday night aimed at getting the juices flowing.

The main plot point is his workouts with wideout Mohamed Sanu yet the real stars are the artistic flourishes. The choices to present the first steps of the comeback tour in black-and-white and with spliced-in footage from some of ESPN's marquee talking heads really help establish the scene and stakes for the short film. Those of a certain age can be forgiven for thinking an Eminem music video was about to break out.

Also, opting to leave the colorful language in results in a more gritty and gripping product.

It's worth wondering about subsequent efforts. If this is the effort before practice is even legal, what will Newton's work look like in Week 9? Is he going to task J.J. Abrams? Is Michael Bay going to come in the week before the divisional playoffs and blow up an entire soundstage? The possibilities are tantalizing.

Of course, it seems inevitable that the project will result in a certain type of blowback. Oh well.